KERADOG is THE French brand of cosmetics for cats and dogs. Discover its new exclusive line of shampoos, Keratin-formulated. Finally high quality shampoos at attractive prices!

KERADOG innovates on the market of cats’ and dogs’ shampoos, with its range of Keratin-formulated cosmetics.

But what is Keratin?

The coat is made with hair, and keratin is a natural protein composing of the raw material of cats’ and dogs’ hair (and human hair). Keratin makes the coat brighter, it reinforces it, and gives it more weight, as well as thickens it. Keratin is good for the coat! With Keradog, the coat of your animal will be soft, bright and silky. It’s the end of dull hair! Reveal the brightness and the radiance of your cat or dog’s coat with the new keratin’s shampoos KERADOG.

A dog that got dirty during a walk, a cat that goes out regularly in the garden, dust that became encrusted in your animal’s coat, pollution attacking the skin or dull hair … so many good reasons for you to start a grooming session at home.

The KERADOG range has been formulated to clean without causing itches or attacking your animal’s skin. The pH of this range is adapted for cats and dogs. We mustn’t use our own shampoo for a grooming session on our animal, because human skin’s pH is really different from our cats’ or dogs’.

Three shampoos are available : a dry shampoo with a freshness effect lasting 24h, a conditioning shampoo 2 in 1 for long and half-long hair, and a gentle shampoo that is sulfate free. Let yourself be seduced by the irresistible fragrances of KERADOG shampoos. These shampoos are made in France and do not contain paraben. Thanks to KERADOG, reveal the brightness of your animal’s coat.

KERADOG shampoos; an authentic mass of beauty, softness and well-being at a very attractive price!

Discover the range of Keradog's shampoo

Gentle Shampoo
Sulfate Free

500 ml

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Conditioner-shampoo 2 in 1
Conditioner for long & mid-long hair

500 ml

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No Rinse Shampoo
24h Fresh Effect

300 ml

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